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      Hve a good summer [email protected]#

      firstly the reason Audioz aka Rexodux non Honorable Action As a player i will review the recent non honorable actions by admin Audioz, he invited some alt char of my 3s team mate to his 3s team(we were r1 team in 3s for the moment ) then suddenly rexodux team went r1 in 1day (magic or cheatin i wont get involved in dat) well well everything cool till season ended, admin audioz rewarded his 3s team ofc he knew that from the beginning, my 3s team won't get rewarded because he invited our mate to his team(rule says one reward per person or somethin like that kinda stupid rule, because in retail u can get glad in every char/acc if you no lifer ofc) so my question is why would an admin perform such action instead of improving the game. ungrateful and greedy action, if he was a normal player i get it its supposed to be normal , but hes an admin and his action make no sense at all . for my side wm ends from here, i dont want to play in a server managed by such `admin` y'all have a good summer
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      Still don't worry i know you got bigger plans

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      It is not against staff regulation for them not to participate in any event they're not directly hosting. If they like to play the server, they just like a regular player can still experience PvP and PvE a like.
      Audioz did not act by himself when handing out rewards. It was cleared and done to the detail as if any other person reached rank 1, 2 or 3.

      I am not sure what's actually happening today for everyone to be throwing around wild accusations in regards to the staff team. Audioz is not at fault, he won legitimately and therefor he was rewarded appropriately in regards to the season.
      There is no cover up. Give it a rest..

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