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      Events rules/How to follow them

      Events rules

      Hello everyone,in this post I will explain how to participate in events properly without breaking the rules and get disqualified.

      *Event spectating
      If you want to spectate an event you can do it from a npc General Information -> Spectate Events -> Nagrand Arena (the npc is located in malls/duel zone)
      While you are spectating an event you:
      musn't interrupt the event by going down or casting any spells
      musn't spam or insult
      musn't fly around the arena
      must stay at the spectators place and watch the event from there
      If you break any of the rules you will be ported out of the arena/banned for event interruption

      Rules of 1v1/2v2/3v3/5v5 events:
      You are NOT allowed to use:
      - Elune buffs
      - Flasks
      - Potions

      - Spells like Lay of Hands or Heroism
      - Food that is normally not usable in arena
      - Tank/Healer spec
      - Legendary weapons ( daggers & staff)

      You are allowed to use:
      - Self buffs,for example:
      *Priest -
      Power Word: Fortitude,Shadow Protection,Inner Fire
      *Druid - Mark of the Wild
      *Warrior - Battle Shout
      *Mage - Arcane Brilliance
      *DK - Horn of Winter
      *Paladin -
      Blessing of Kings / Blessing of Might
      - Food that is usable in arena (for example: [WoW Mortal Arena Water] )
      - Ground mounts (flying is not allowed)
      - First aid

      Rules of Boxing Event:
      You are NOT allowed to:
      - Equip any gear (no weapons/trinkets or any kind of items),you must be with 0 items on you
      - Use any spells except
      Auto Attack
      - Have any professions (you must unlearn them before the event)
      - Have learned talents (you must unlearn your talents before the event)
      - Have any buffs on you (selff buffs are not allowed too)

      You are
      allowed to:
      - Use Auto Attack

      *Note: You can make a new character for the boxing event if you don't want to unlearn talens,professions...

      Rules of FFA event:
      You are allowed to:
      - Use Elune buffs,flasks,potions
      - Use self buffs
      - Use all kinds of food
      - Use all spells
      - Use First Aid

      You are
      NOT allowed to:
      - play with tank/heal spec
      - stay in stealth more than 15 seconds

      Rules of Hide and Seek event:
      - If you find the GM you musn't tell other players where is his location
      - You are
      NOT allowed to use any cheats like fly hacks (they are not allowed as a general rule,not only at events)
      - You are
      allowed to use the Teleportal to reach a location faster
      - You must find the GM alone,without other players with you

      Rules of ''GM says'' event:
      ''GM says'' is like the game "Simon says'' and it has same rules.A GM takes the role of ''Simon'' and issues instructions to the players.A command starting with "GM says" means that the players must obey that command and a command without the beginning "GM says" means do not do this action.
      For example:
      Dellux: ''Dellux says'' jump - if you jump you are save ; Dellux: jump - if you jump you lose.

      Rules of ''
      Noggenfogger Event''
      -You can drink only 1x Noggenfogger Elixir
      -If you get Skeleton Effect - you lose
      -If you get Small Effect - you lose
      -If you get Slow Fall effect - you win !

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