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      Warlord Dragon soul boss Classes for kill

      Hello everyone i wanna give you a guide how to Warlord from Dragon soul.


      Frost Dk (45-60k) dps + More depends on gear and buffs he got i preff Might
      Retri Paladin (45-70) Start gear paladin we all know it's op from start. If you have Full hc gear you can pull to the 100k side by side with furry warrior
      3. Arcane Mage (35-50) Also if you have full hc gear you can pull over 60k
      4. Furry Warrior (50-85) Full hc gear over 100k (Vortex Helps) Btw Furry only good for burst. For Spine take 2x dks FROST. or play ARMS cause of AOE to kill Corrupted Blood fast.
      5. Disc priest because of His Barrier aswell he can protect hard Tank when boss give's stack's to him.
      6. Resto druid - Also he can heal with no problem tank and raid AOE + Tranquility. Rly nice combo with priest AOE heals. Aka Divine Hymn and tranq nice combo for heal.


      Aight with those classes , we kill Warlord everytime from day he take buff up. He Have 50M hp and alot of armor. Casual players with 25-35k dps can't kill him. Because afther you pull boss n 67 % hp TANK is on 20 stack and you are near the wipe. You can always mix those classes like 2 resto dudus or 2 priests. Depends what do you have in your guild. Or makeing pug raid.

      --GEAR lvl AND DPS --

      I preff you 403+ i lvl and around 50-60k dps , because on 35k dps you pull boss on 65+ HP with more dps you will make boss down fast and TANK will take less stacks. More ez to kill boss then.


      I hope you will kill it now , if you have anything to ask P me in game. For more guide
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      This is really quite wrong.
      Unh dk pulls more than frost single target if rotated perfectly
      You forgot to mention that priests bring shadow resistance buff, which you 100% need for this boss
      Tank should use resistance elixir
      You didn't mention hunters who bring good buffs and pull 50k (also embrace of the spider stacks with forgotten kings for 9% stats)
      As for fury warrior, arms is much better if played correctly and vortex is definitely never a good trinket for any class/spec in pve, in any situation.
      Arcane mage can't pull over 40k

      DPS ladder if you abuse all class bugs correctly single target:
      warrior > feral > hunter > dk > ret > rogue > all casters

      The most important thing for this boss is the tank, if you tank it well and manage your cds you can kill it 40k dps raid average

      You also forgot to mention the series of mandatory buffs to down this:
      5% crit (feral/fury/sub)
      attack power (pal/mm hunt)
      stats (druid/pal/hunter)
      shadow protection / resist aura

      maximum stacks 2 healers can handle: ~33-34

      and i know for a fact you haven't downed the 58.5 million buffed zon ozz once
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