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    Thread: PVE suggestion

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      the rest!!
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      PVE suggestion

      New future update suggestion about PVE content i hope you gonna like it !


      Update : Increase more dmg for each boss, add x mog heads inside of each dungeon
      make several more quest for each one.

      Challenge mode : Quest with timer when players finish in proper of time dungeon. They gonna take exclusive rewards such a mogs or boxes.

      Add 1 more dungeon if it possible.

      -------------------------------Monster Highlands----------------------------------

      Add Quest for killing all bosses in that zone for 1 additional invisible item by player choice , Cloth , plate , mail , leather .
      update some bosses that's to easy for kill

      ---------------------------------------------Skyfire Quests-------------------------------------------
      Remove all quest "materials" from old Mall to New one so ppl can find what they need to complete they quest.

      Helping the Community -Remaining in the old mall
      Local Dust - Remaining in the old mall

      Add 1-2 quest will be fine

      -----------------------------------------Scenario Bosses--------------------------------------
      Some of them must be buffed and updated like

      Nefarian - increase dmg
      Akama - increase dmg
      Thuzadin Ritual - Increase dmg
      Ilusionary Crusade - Remove or update with some boss that must be killed
      Northshires Horror - Totaly broken must be fixed and add loot aswell inside of bosses.

      -----------------------------------------Hide and Seek--------------------------------------
      Remove it i don't think so ppl still go there and doing daily quests.
      i just suggest.

      --------------------------------------------Dire Maul ---------------------------------------
      You can close that zone still remain in Portal
      or you can add as New Quest zone , World Boss , PVP zone , Rep farm Zone

      Add few NEW quest for each raid: SSC , Onyx , Dragon Soul
      Update: Warlord Zon ozz bugged sometimes he deal 0 dmg standing at one place with no moving.
      Update : Yor' sahj Green Oze 30 hp
      Update : Hagara the Stormbinder [Binding Crystal] increase more hp for each crystal. Aswell afther we
      kill all four crystals she just standing and deal 0 dmg to raid members.
      Update:Ultraxion deals aswell to low dmg sometimes he cast Twillight Burst but that's rare happens.
      Upadte : Warmaster Blackhorn Shockwave deal's to low dmg and Disrupting Roar must interupt players for 8 sec instead 0.

      Update : Spine of Deathwing try to fix Grasping Tendrils they hold to long players from 5.20sec they hold to much longer.

      -----------------------------------------Halloween Event--------------------------------------

      Update : Increase dmg for each Pumpkins in the Zone of event.
      Update : Add some AOE spells for Headless Horseman and Pumpking boss to.They deal to low dmg

      That's it guys
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      Dungeons -

      I don’t mind the challenge mode suggestion to be honest, it would make sense for people to get more epic rewards from them since the difficulty would be much greater BUT I don’t think adding head transmogs, making them deal more damage, or adding another dungeon should be done. (This is my personal feeling)

      Monster Highlands -

      I can agree with the monster highlands getting a quest but I can’t agree to once you defeat all the bosses you get an invisible piece when completed since you usually get those items from seasonal events. Maybe instead of a quest where you need to kill them all and get an invisible item it can be you need to kill certain ones?... Maybe you have to kill all the horse bosses or Tiger bosses OR There can be an item saying <Boss Name>’s Head which for one would be a low drop and would be needed for a quest turn in. Prize would be Fortune Cards and Boxes(this would be a daily quest) for one Head then three for a mount(this would be a one time quest per char)?...

      Sky fire Quests -


      Scenario Bosses -

      I’ve never really did the scenario bosses but all you’re saying is their damage needs to be buffed / that they are broken with out any context.

      For Nefarian, Akama, Thuzadin Ritual:
      Why do they need to be buffed / do you think others would enjoy them more with a buff?..

      For Illusionary Crusade:
      You Are saying more bosses need to be added or removed in general. Adding new bosses for others I can understand but removing it not so much since there are some new players who may join the server and wish to get them.

      For Northshires Horror:
      You’re saying that it’s broken with out saying what part of it is. Maybe if you explained it could be tested out and fixed?... Adding loot could probably easily be done.

      Hide and Seek -

      Once again, this could be something for new players to do or have fun with some people could even be going and you don’t even know.

      Dire Maul -

      I don’t fully know what you’re trying to say for the first part but for the other half of what you said I did SO Dire Maul kind of was or is a PvP Zone, Rep Farm Area, and quest zone though I haven’t been there for a bit so I have no idea.

      I don’t think I can fully add much to anything of your suggestions since I’m not the most active pver in the world or even an active player in game so if I said something stupid to you, tell me.

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