WM VIP account is a special account for advanced players who are looking to support the server but gain some added benefits. Those benefits can be seen below! VIP will primarily be a discount base feature for rewards, items and gearing.

How to activate your VIP status, account wide once you have the token in-game.
1. Type - .vip activate
2. Close WoW completely
3. Restart, login and you are done!

WM VIP Account Review – Discover All The Benefits

Special access to commands:
.VIP Activate (Usable with the VIP token purchase, will require a re log).
.VIP Mall (teleports yourself to the VIP Mall)
.VIP Changerace (free unlimited race change)
.VIP Changefaction (free unlimited faction change)
.VIP Customize (free unlimited customize for your characters)
- Free renames (make a ticket to any GM)
.VIP Soberup (Because getting drunk is a nusense)
.VIP Getdrunk (gets your character drunk)
.Bank (instant access to your bank anywhere, anytime)
.Chat (A fully functional system based world chat for those very important people).
With the possibility for additional commands later down the line as we explore the impact of VIP on Destiny and the use of commands by vip accounts.
.whisper ON - turns on your whisper
.whisper OFF- turns off your whisper

- Content within VIP will be added and extended week on week to ensure character progress.
- Items that are available in exclusive VIP vendors may include items from various other pieces of content that is otherwise harder, or impossible to currently obtain at a cheaper base VIP price.
Cataclysmic weapons
- FREE Cataclysmic main piece items cost honor (no more waiting for weekly cap to get fully geared)
- FREE Cataclysmic off-set parts
- HC T13 and other HC PVE main piece items
- FREE HC PVE trinkets
- FREE HC PVE off-set parts
- FREE HC PVE weapons
- FREE mounts
- FREE companions
- FREE access to fun items
- VIP rank on forum
- Contact any Staff member at any time even if they have whisper turned off
- Your characters can no longer be added to other's friend list

Exclusive Perks
- VIP Shirts(Shirt of the Frost God, Shirt of the Fire Lord, Shirt of Godly Essence).
- Scarlet Monastery quests.
- x 1 new Currency.
- x 1 Title(the Exalted).
- Essence drops.
- Ex-donation transmogrifications for credits(Fumigator's mask, Cowl of Benevolence, [VIP] Demonhunter
Tattoo, Tattoo, Tattoo 2, Warglaive1, Warglaive2, Warglaive3, Burning Blaze).
- Exclusive VIP Rank and access to a private sub-forum for feedback regarding VIP and general discussion amongst VIPs. (To earn the VIP Forum Rank, please contact an Administrator and your rank will be set providing proof of account & rank).
- Instant logout in any location.

- Access to the character creation of multiple Death Knights on the VIP account.

Essence information
- Essences will be a VIP based 1 time only quest series with higher than average rewards through progress.
- Essences can only drop while a quest requiring you to collect them can be looted.
- Essences are capped at 1.000.
- Essences drop from;
- Monster Highland skinning at a 20% rate.
- All scenario boss kills (Gaurenteed a minimum of 1 per kill).
- Drop from the Arena, and Battleground boxes at 12.2%.
- Drop from every boss for every Raid & Dungeon (100% guarantee on 1).