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      Fire mage - ignite

      Name: Ignite
      Class: Mage (fire)

      What it should be doing: Your critical strikes from non-periodic Fire damage spells cause the target to burn for an additional 40% of your spell's damage over 4 sec. (taken directly from the talent in-game tooltip)
      What it is doing: Currently does roughly half that (20%)

      Proof 1:
      https://i.imgur.com/s15g0JB.png - DPS log screenshot from DS 25 (ultraxion) in BiS gear and full raid buffs. FROM RETAIL
      https://i.imgur.com/Chjin2L.png - DPS log from Frostpaw boss - identical dps pattern on every boss in BiS gear and full raid buffs
      Compensating for the log fight difference the ignite on Destiny is roughly 2.5-3.0x lower than it should be.
      As you can see from image #1 the AVERAGE tick is 26k in comparison to the ignite on Destiny (which would average at around 10k in a complete 2-3minute raid scenario).

      Proof 2:

      Do the math, 7k ignite from a 54k pyroblast? Cmon...

      Proof 3:
      Just another comparison with full raid buffs on Morchok with perfect dps rotation in BiS gear and everything.
      The damage % don't even come close since ignite is so bugged.

      Furthermore... this insanely reduces the damage of combustion and effectively making fire mage non-viable in any real pve scenario in comparison to other classes, which are all mostly bugged as well.
      Last edited by shaxey; 01-15-2018 at 09:09 PM.

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