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      Points: 23, Level: 1
      Level completed: 45%, Points required for next Level: 27
      Overall activity: 37.0%
      Tagger Second Class
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      Please brothers I beg you, I'm completely reformed.

      Character Name: Zerloryd
      Realm: Destiny.
      Reason for Ban [Check your Account Panel]: Houli.
      Reason for being Unbanned: Everynight i stay in my backyard and stare at the stars to remember the great souls of wowmortal players,the perfect place to every good person in this earth,the place i've spent my childhood growing in it,the place that i'm dreaming about growing in it, the place where my soul will be forever in the heart of players,the place that i've spent years of spreading positivity in it, the great place where every respectful player belong to.
      I know that i'm acting tough on the outside but i'm just a shy person if you really get to know me,i'm trying to hide my real personality because when i was 9 years old my uncle george used to abuse me when we were alone,so i'm really trying so hardly to become a bully so none of wowmortal players knows about my past otherwise they will start to bully me and to call me names and that will really hurt my feelings and ruin my mind.
      I know that a lot of players in here thinks i'm the most toxic player in this server but i didn't want this to happen, i wanted to be the perfect person to this community but when i met thunter he found my irl picture and he started to blackmail me, he forced me to become toxic and to act like a badass, i've been trying all these years to escape from him but he's still threating me with my mom's facebook, i dont want for my family to get hurt just because i'm talking to this bad person,he's giving me negative emotions and ideas,he gave me the idea that i should be the controller of wowmortal but finally now i understand that i can be free whenever i want.
      I tried to become a new person,i went to curch and i told the priest about the bad things that i've done in my life and he told me that god always forgive us if we understand our leassons, so i was thinking if god forgived me why dont you do? i know that i've made billions of mistakes but now honestly i understand what it feels like to be perm banned without being able to even talk to ur friends,now i understand how immature i were,i know that i dont deserve this chance,i know that i dont have the right to ask anything from staff members or any players, i understand that there is a lot of players here doesn't like me,i've done a lot of bad decisions in my life but now i'm ready to become a new person to this community and to help other players passing their problems.
      To finish with wowmortal is the perfect place to every single player in this world,it's the perfect enviroment to everyone single person in the world,i will encourage all my friends to come to this great server and to help this server by donating and voting,i really like this server i've been here for almost 6 years and i even like this place more then real life,all the players here are supporting each others to reforme and to be less toxic toward each others.
      With all my hearts i want to tell you that i'm tottaly reformed and i'm looking for one last chance to help other players and i will give out all my love to these players and i wont talk any bad to any staff member or to any single player,but i will also spread positivity and give 100 boxes to everysingle player in this server.
      I apologize for my most inappropriate behavior. I realize you were counting on a relaxing evening, and my lack of restraint must have taxed you greatly. Please understand that this is not my normal mode of behavior. I hope you will accept these apologies as a token of my apology, and consider me a valid wowmortal community member.
      This is very embarrassing for me to have to admit, but I simply cannot find the book you lent me. I have searched everywhere I can think of, but it seems to have disappeared. I'm very sorry, Admin, particularly as you warned me that it is out of print. I have contacted all the friends in wowmortal and they have agreed to look out for it, and my brother Dinsin also told me about a book search for help. I am waiting to hear back from them. I will keep on trying until I locate another copy in good condition for you, but in the meantime I ask you please to accept my sincere apologies.
      I'm really good person and not a toxic scumbag, i wish that this would've been reality but everyone makes mistakes in their lifes but the good thing is that i'm trying to get out of this negative emotions,now i'm trying to help other players to reform their attitude and to change their minds about the situations happening to wm and giving them some hope to keep playing in this great server that served me the most beautiful server,i swear i will treat everyone with the respect they deserve, i grew up and now i understand how to treat everyone,like chimp always say we need to treat people like we want us to be treated,after all this time i've been perm banned and isp banned i've learned my leasson and i'm ready to show to all of you that i'm reformed and a new better person, i will help this server and my friends in it,i'm finnaly a normale person without being toxic i hope i get another chance to become a wowmortal player once again.I'M are grateful to Msoul who has allowed me to draft a petition to forcefully express our concerns to wowmortal. i hope that each of you will add your signature to the final draft.
      And once again i'm fully reformed you can trust me once again i beg you with all i have and my wholeheartedly apologies to admin personally for insulting him and msoul, sorry for being bad person.
      I have spent around 30-40 minutes making this appeal for you and making sure everythings correct. I'm sure this one shouldn't be denied, even though most truthfull ban appeals are, But I swear down my life it wont happen again Please don't deny this, I will be very sad if you do deny this efforty appeal i would never use hacks or insults again in my life, From now on I'm going to report every hacker I meet in wowmortal but because of my stupidity of doing that mistake I feel so lonely now. It would be alot of time consuming to keep recording hackers but its totally worth it from now. I would never hack again on wowmortal, I almost died of shock when they told me that Iím in the blacklist again on wowmortal. So now I feel so lonely, I miss my friends on wowmortal because of my idiotic behaviour. But yeah, Please think about this, I love wowmortal , It is a perfect server for me to play on and enjoy myself having fun with the other fellow players playing on this server aswell. I always bring my friends here to do 2v2's for fun with them. I would love to be unbanned on this great server for one other reason, I'm missing my friends there and I think its a great place to train and practice pvping. I really need another chance, I really do to be honest with you, I deserve another chance with an unban, Well I kind of deserve it because I am being honest here, What I done was very wrong of me, I know what I am doing from now on in the future, I have a brain, I will use my brain this time, instead of being a no brain kid using hacks, Using a brain is the key to life. You wouldn't get a job if you couldn't use your brain properly, you wouldn't be able to really do anything to be honest without using your brain the right way, but what I just did that time was heart breaking, and not only for you, but for me aswell, that would be great. I would be very satisfied if you could do this for me. You should trust me and if you want you can keep an eye on me, I had so much fun here I decided to spend a huge amount of time training and practicing pvp against other fellow players. Be sure to read all of this, at least think about it. I understand what I have done wrong and it won't happen again, you can always watch me while I'm playing if you want, its up to you. Well, End of my appeal, But always remember this staff members, "If you catch me doing something again on wowmortal that makes you heartbroken, and other players too, Be sure to Ban me forever without no chance of appealing." I will learn from this mistake, From now on, I will record all the hackers, post on youtube, and report directly here to keep this community nice and safe without anymore hackers (Includes me for that stupid behaviour I done, but I swear it won't happen again,) I am not fooling around, I'm serious, I learn from every mistakes, bad or good.
      How easy would life be if I was never banned on wowmortal? What if I just didnít insult other players that one time I get triggered? Now I awake every morning in a state of crippling depression and force a smile on my face to please others.is this how my life will be until the end it?
      Iím not a monster going to eat the server or crash it or do things like that,you guys can keep an eye on me for as long as you like, everyone trusts me, everyone will trust me, just after a few days you will be likeĒOh, houli quited being toxic,hes like a normal good player,now playing legit and showing respect to everyone else on hereĒ. But you guys donít understand this,I may have hacked and made a lot of problems in the past, But yeah people always make mistakes in their lives,atleast everyone has made a mistake,this is like getting coffesion in the curch,itís like telling the priest about the mistakes that Iíve made in the past.
      I hope you agree that I have upheld my end of my lease with you since we moved in over a year ago. However, something has developed that the lease does not cover; consequently, I want to modify the lease to address that need so that there are no misunderstandings.
      I will always remember the first day I Joined wowmortal. MY way of making me feel part of the WOWMORTAL team made a lasting impression on a nervous, inexperienced graduate. I continue to benefit from server personal wisdom and engineering expertise, and hope we will stay in touch and join us for occasional social events. Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for reading this!
      All the days I lay in the floor and remember the suffer Iíve gave to a lot of players and this really hurts my feelings I remember this one guy amir punk and I cry, after insulting his dead brother after 2 days of his death Iím feeling like Iím satan, I talked to him on facebook and asked him to forgive me and he had a great heart and he told me that he forgot everything, I really love every single player in this great server, it always gives me this energy to help other people in real life , I always support every single new player to wowmortal, I know that Iíve been causing a lot of harm to wowmortal but this mean a lot to me.
      I know that Iíve trashtalked dead persons in wowmortal but this is just because Iím mad because my father got murdered in our house by isis,we were eating our dinner and they tried to bomb our house,We prayed for god to help us and we didnít even lose our faith in jesus that day, I always had that light inside me that Iím going to survive and going to come back to wowmortal to play in it.
      I really want justice to happen, I really deserve a new chance, you guys have to see the holy light in my heart,this light may help this server to reforme other wowmortal players,I want to become a hero to these new players,I want to dispel their souls from toxicity and to cure their minds from bad thoughs and ideas, I want this server to get best players in it, Iíve done the advertising event almost 10 times to help this server out and I didnít even ask for my rewards, I know that I was the reason that a lot of players left the server but now Iím trying to fix the things, I came back to give them the attitude this server deserve to get.
      I only have 3 months left before I join irani army to help my brothers and sisters in this great place named iran,I Ďm sure that I wont come back alive so I want my end to be in this great server where my soul will rest in everyoneís heart,Iím sure that everyone is going to be like ah heís trolling but no, I may come back to wowmortal if I survive the war,I used to play call of duty so i will be able to dodge in this war a bit.
      Iím desperate to play on wowmortal again,itís my home where me and my family hang out in guru and controle it in our precious time. I donated over 1000$ to this server and I
      would donate even more if I get unbanned ,so please take my reform and give me back the wowmortal back.
      Anything you would like to add: Nothing i love wowmortal and i hope i get one last chance.

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      Points: 12,295, Level: 12
      Level completed: 7%, Points required for next Level: 2,155
      Overall activity: 24.0%
      OverdriveSocialTagger First ClassRecommendation First ClassVeteran10000 Experience Points
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      If you were reformed, you would understand the fact that your accounts are permanently closed.
      If you were reformed you would create a brand new account and play without behaving like you normally do.
      If you were reformed, no one would even know it's you.
      Ban appeal denied.

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