Elite heroes of the Alliance and the Horde fought for glory in Arenas. Their deeds are immortalized here...

2v2 Bracket

I. Team name:
Very Smart
Anykashilos(1141285), Digitalova (1139981)
II. Team name:
Yowhodis(24574), Camor (1098744)

III. Team name: its me dude
Mamzy(689284), Cocainemodel(1062833)
IV. Tean name: Demented soul
Jitterbug(1132644 not eligible due r1 in 3v3), Gaypride(875795)

3v3 Bracket

"All qualifying teams must reach a minimum of 1800 rating in order to receive rewards. Teams will less will be mentioned in top positions but will not qualify for those rewards."

I. Team name: twayne is a feggit
Webcamhottie(1108468), Faketaxiguy (719653), Immortalteck(1128282)

Congratulations to everyone involved! Please make a ticket in game to receive your rewards.

Player names in green have received rewards
Player names in
red have not received rewards.

You may claim your rewards until 21 March 2018.