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      Points: 7, Level: 1
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      Please read this carefully

      Character Name: Bandagespec
      Realm: destiny
      Reason for Ban [Check your Account Panel]: Houli (that's not even a reason lmao)
      Reason for being Unbanned: So after admin told me that i'm able to play on new account i gave trust to his words and i didn't use any vpn and when wowmortal started to get players again,and the population started to grow,with no reason i get banned,i cant understand how does this work,so when wowmortal needs players you guys allow me to play and when you get players you ban me any time you want for no reason? i know that i've done things in the past years but you should only judge the things i'm doing at this moments also i think you have to get a good reason to ban someone,i mean banning someone for who he is is just unlogical,i just dont understand the reason of this hate on me,i'm litteraly very nice and kind,there is a lot of players more toxic than me but still not getting banned or even warned,i dont know why i'm getting blacklisted for absolute no reason,i've been on this server for like 7 years,i'm the loyalest player to wowmortal,i've lost my chance to get a good education and to get a better future just to play on the server, my parents almost kicked me out of the house because of that and i'm still playing on this great server,i really hope you forgive me and give me another chance and base ur actions on my current attitude,dont forget that the hardest part of humans is forgiveness,also the forgiveness is an act of strength like ghandi said "the weak can never forgive.forgiveness is the attribute of the strong people".
      Anything you would like to add: Ur one and only,the love fool,bachbouch.

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      Points: 6,114, Level: 8
      Level completed: 78%, Points required for next Level: 336
      Overall activity: 0%
      Tagger First ClassSocialCreated Album picturesRecommendation Second ClassVeteran5000 Experience Points
      is floating on the waves
      I am:

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      The reason for you ban is your toxic beviour,insulting and using fly hack.
      Ban appeal: denied

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