Upon many discussions we have had with our players, we have decided to move to a single unique currency: WoWMortal™ Coin. This will replace all other existing currencies, make things much easier for both current players and new players coming to the server.

I placed a vendor named "Obsolete Currency Exchange" in Mall, its the old vendor called "Honor Exchange", if you did not delete your cache folder yet.

You can exchange your obsolete currency like Souls, Box of Spirit Shards, Apexis Shards, Apexis Crystals, Fortune Cards and so on, into
WoWMortal™ Coins.
In the next days, little by little, I will adapt the ingame content to WoWMortal™ Coins.

Artifact weapons will now drop directly from bosses: any raid(like Dragon Soul, Onixya, Serpentshrine Caverns, King of Hell and all Scenarios) with a small chance(5%).

Elite Catalcysm upgrate quests now require WoWMortal™ Coins, 2v2 Arena Coins, 3v3 Arena Coins and Battleground Coins.

Our goal is to make things as simple as possible so players don't get confused with much custom currency.
Don't forget to DELETE CACHE folder!