Oh hi, didn't see you there!

It's been a while and i'm on the return to the private server scene. I'd like to RE-Introduce myself seeing as no one i'd know still plays here or would remember me.. (I was a chronic name changer).

My journey began in 2013 and I would have been 15/16 at the time. I instantly fell in love with the idea of instant 85, free gear/gems/enchant etc. I wasn't a huge fan of PvE so having a server based mainly around PvP I knew this was the place to be. I played the entirety of Cataclysm during its retail period and felt like MoP was the beginning of the downfall for World of Warcraft as a whole so I had to take myself back.

I had my first part time job when I was 16 so of course I started shoveling my money into donations to get the best items on every class. I made great friends along the way but I did lose contact after my whole medical situation, keeping me hospital-bound for a good 4-5 months.

Seeing as I don't know anyone here anymore, hit me up, I'd like to join an active guild and make some new friends. I'm currently playing on another account because my donation fueled account was hacked. I'm aware the hacker still plays here on and off because according to some recent sources, my account was logged into only a month ago. I never shared details with anyone but i will admit my account name was the same as my password at the time, making it very easy to hack lmao. I was a teenager okay? Give me a break.

But all in all, it's great to be back and good to see people still enjoy this server.

Find me ingame under the names;
-Badrep (feral druid)
-Modetko (ret pally)
-Pls (sub rogue)
-Snez (mage)
-Tye (Blood/unh dk)