Since i can't do everything by myself, i need well written wm guide for new players.

Imagine im a new player and i dont know anything about this server. Think about what i need to know and explain it to me.
For example:
- how to gear,
- what types of custom currency are there
- how to get them
- what are they used for
- what type of reputations are used on server and where to get then
- what are they used for
- quests available
Anything you can think of being useful.
Make sure to be very specific like: to get to the gear npc take the teleportal -> shortcuts -> Gear menu.

The guide can be in any text format and you have to send me a download link on pm, here on forum.
The best guide will be posted here on forum, for all players to use it and i plan to add it in game as an item(book).

The winner gets 60 DP worth of items from me.

DEADLINE: July 1st.