Hey guys and girls.
I'm here to show you how to make Light strokes as shown in my last 2 pictures in my Showcase. So here we go.

1. Make a new project (I recomend 500x200 but use as you want)
2. Make it fill black
3. Find a picture and edit it so it fits with background
4. Go to "Gradient Map" under layers and set it to reverse
5. The only thing that should be under gradient map at your layers is the picture and the BG, everything else goes ABOVE IT
6. Now create a new layer and select "Pen Tool" and make a line wherever you want
7. When you made a line, set your brush to 3 pixels and make it white
8. Right click with your pen tool and select "Stroke layer" and delete the path when you did it.
9. Now to effects, use these settings (It's in picture under the text)
10. Duplicate the layer and use the same settings and just change the color of outside glow.
11. Viola, you are done.

Thank and share

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Mediafire link for practice