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      How I loss my respect to the GMs.

      This one goes out to the staff. Feel free to weigh in if you're just a regular player.

      Hello there dear staff.

      Under my time here on WoW Mortal's forum I've noticed several things, bad things, I just wanna get off my chest.
      Firstly. The disrespect GM's have against the players.
      I've been insulted more then once. More then twice. By a staff. I mean, cmon guys, aren't you supposed to have a mature and responsiblity behaviour? I've been called a kid, immature, jerk, asshole, you name it.
      When I see a staff member insulting me or anyone else, I'm just thinking wtf? You guys are supposed to be better then us, support us, encourage us, because we're the reason you're a GM and we're the reason you get payed of our donors. It's making me frustrated seeing this. It's not just me getting insulted here, but those who stands up for a friend who gets picked on by a staff memeber.
      I posted several posts, and threads. Where I've simply expressed my opinion, told them what I wanted to tell them, just weigh in. And guess what? Doesn't take long until the thread/post gets edited/Deleted. The reason is, let's take for an example in Cadets GM's application. "Childish and immature behaviour". Why? How? When?
      I'm expressing my own opinion and what I believe. And I get cussed at? What the hell? This is a forum, you're supposed to say whatever you'd like to, but within reasonable limits. And yes, I've crossed the line one time maybe twice. I know that I can be a bit harsh sometimes. But that's because you guys are too ****ing arrogant, excuse my language. And then, you know, it could be enough with "Candybar, watch your language." Not "Get out of here, extreme racist." Nor "Stupid childish immature behaviour", "Go back to the kiddi corner" and I'm gettin tired of it. Really ****ing tired of it.
      I'm not the only one whom post got deleted. I am getting really annoyed at this. I've noticed so many times, just cause you're a gm doesn't mean you can treat anyone however the **** you want to. That, on the other hand, is stupid and childish.

      This is my POV of the forums atm. You can't post anything without it gettin deleted.
      Has this ever happend to you, or is it just me they treat unfairly?

      Cheers, Candybar.

      Edit: Lost*

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      Well thank you for your feedback.

      First of all by making this thread you haven't accomplished anything. If you want to report a Staff Member PM View Profile: Doctor X - WoW Mortal - World of Warcraft Private Server or View Profile: MysteriousSoul - WoW Mortal - World of Warcraft Private Server or even a high ranked Gamemaster.
      Second: Wrong you are not allowed write anything that you want in the forums. You are allowed to write anything you want as along you follow these rules http://forums.wowmortal.com/rules-re...rum-rules.html
      Third: "16. By Joining the forums you must agree that Forum Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason." If you think that posts of you are getting deleted for no reason please report to an Administrator.

      I respect your opinion but I am closing this thread because it's going nowhere... If you feel like you are treated unfair report to an Administrator.
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      Created by Gade

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      Quote Originally Posted by Candybar View Post
      This one goes out to the staff. Feel free to weigh in if you're just a regular player.
      You guys are supposed to be better then us, support us, encourage us, because we're the reason you're a GM and we're the reason you get payed of our donors.
      Just wanted to say that we don't get paid in any way.

      Rest is as Laladin said.

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