Sweden is kind of great. Amazing lanscape, warm summers, cold winters, one of the leading coutrys in science, medicin & technology. Medical care & school system is amazing. Anyone can get a job here. Our social security system is good as well.
Even the people that's to lazy to work get money & an apartment. We are in good physical conditions so no problems with obese. Our military is high tech but (big but) to small. And now (last year or two) when our legal system got more strict Im happy with that as well. Now life in prison acually means it and not ~8 years.

2 best things about Sweden: We got the best internet in the world, our girls are smoking hot ;P
There are some issues..mainly political since 99% of our politicans are spineless cowards afraid to speak the truth, hmm oh yeah special treatment towards "certain groups" is just mad, plain mad. Hmm....Yeah since we have religious freedom here we can pretty much count on becoming an internal war zone later on. Religion is the most common reason for wars and mixing like 15 of them in this small country is..well fubar.

All in all, everyone resident in the kingdom of Sweden have a pretty good life.
Even tho I am a huge patriot Norway is my favorite country of them all <3.